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Fakultät für Sozialwissenschaften

Vortrag von Ronja Trischler auf dem STS-hub.de

Konferenzlogo © Ingmar Lippert

Ronja Trischler berichtet aus Ihrer Forschung

Friday, 17. March 2023, 08:30–10:30: Circulations between STS and the arts (2/2)

  • ‘STS and the Arts Facing Planetary Crises: Circulating Perspectives on Knowledge and Perception in Postanthropocentric Times’ by Christiane Schürkmann (JGU Mainz, Department of Sociology) and Lena Von Goedeke (artist, based in Berlin and Svalbard)
  • ‘Artificial and artistic intelligence Inquiries into the collectivity and plurality of research’ by Fabian Pittroff (Ruhr-University Bochum, SFB 1567: Virtuelle Lebenswelten)
  • ‘Inside the Visual Effects Studio: Sociotechnical practices of digital creative work’ by Ronja Trischler (TU Dortmund, Department of Social Sciences)


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