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Neu erschienen: Special Issue zu User:innen in der Innovationsforschung

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Ein Themenheft der Zeitschrift NOvation zur Rolle von Nutzer:innen in Innovationsprozessen

Gastherausgeber sind Cornelius Schuber und Rick Hölsgens. Aus dem Editorial:

"In line with NOvation’s critical approach to innovation and innovation studies, the contributions to this issue highlight the promises, problems, and tensions of engaging users in innovation processes. Their critical perspectives challenge the “proinnovation-bias” of mainstream innovation theory and policy. Users are not primarily considered as effective agents supporting innovative activities, like in open innovation approaches, but as transformative, sometimes unruly, agencies, putting up resistance as opposition or withdrawing as disinterested non-users."

Das Special Issue "Popular users: why and how innovation research started to consider users in the innovation process" ist Open Access verfügbar.



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